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The Aikido Club provides instruction in the martial art of Aikido by using the method of Kenji Tomiki. It is a self-defense based martial art involving wrist torques, advanced joint manipulation, bokken/sword, jo staff, various self-defence techniques, rolls, and falls. The club is open to all skill and experience levels. The club practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00-10:00 pm in the Woollen Gym Combatives Room. For more information about the organization, you may visit

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The Badminton Club at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is organized by a group of badminton enthusiasts. All members get together regularly in Fetzer Gym B on UNC Main Campus at least twice a week to compete against each other in a friendly atmosphere. The club also keeps close contact with players in this area. Tournaments are organized regularly to play against other schools and clubs in order to improve skill level and build friendships among players. Players not affiliated with UNC are also invited to join for regular practice sessions and tournaments.
For more information, please visit our website:

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Ballroom Dance

Interested in learning ballroom dance? Come join us on the UNC Ballroom Dance Team! Our team travels throughout the East cost to compete at various collegiate and USA DanceSport competitions. We compete in International Latin (Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Jive) and Standard (Waltz, Tango, Quickstep, Foxtrot) with dancers representing the team at the newcomer level through Championship. Competing isn't necessary as we also dance for fun (Hustle, Salsa, Bachata) at social events. Lessons are free, so come try it out at any time to see if you want to join the team!

 No partner? No experience? No problem! UNC Ballroom Dance Team welcomes individuals of all experience levels. Check out our website for more information.

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UNC Club Baseball's goal each year is to be a regionally and nationally competitive team without losing the sandlot vibe that makes club baseball so special. We are an entirely student run organization, with elected officers doing everything from making baseball decisions to handling financial and administrative duties. We look for members who are talented ballplayers, but also work hard in the classroom and buy in to the team concept. In addition to striving for success on the field, we aim to forge a bond among our members that goes well beyond the diamond. 

Members are expected to participate in at least two practices per week and all games if possible. Also, members are expected to participate in fundraising activities and group gatherings. 

Visit our website at

Follow us on Twitter: @UNCClubBaseball

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Basketball - Men's

UNC Men's Club Basketball is a team that consists of 15-25 players that compete in both fall and spring semesters. We compete in tournaments against teams in the surrounding region. Our try-outs are held soon after JV try-outs and last two days. Before try-outs and in late April, we have open gyms on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:30 -9:30 pm in Rams Head Recreation Center.

Visit our Facebook page - UNC Club Basketball

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Basketball - Women's

Club Women's Basketball is a competitive sports club that competes during the fall and spring seasons. Tryouts are held during the first two weeks of the school year. The fall season runs through mid-November culminating with a Championship Tournament at the University of Maryland. Prior to the Championship, the club plays in 3-4 tournaments, generally traveling three or four times during the fall. The spring season runs from February to mid-April, culminating with a Championship Tournament at North Carolina State University. Practices are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:30-9:30 pm in Rams Head Recreation Center. Yearly dues are collected to cover tournament fees and hotel fees.

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Bass Fishing

The Bass Fishing Team is a competitive college team which competes in national, televised tournament series hosted by the Association of Collegiate Anglers, FLW, and B.A.S.S., with the mission to represent the University in competition and act as a model of aquatic conservation. Membership to this program is contingent on successful demonstration of tournament-level angling aptitude and proficiency with advanced bass fishing techniques. Try-outs will be held at the start of the fall semester each year, with tournaments starting mid-February and lasting through August. 

Visit our Facebook: The Carolina Bass Team 

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Cheerleading - All Girls

The UNC All-Girl Cheerleading Team is a nationally recognized organization that competes at two national competitions per year, including Cheersport Nationals in Atlanta, GA and NCA Nationals in Daytona Beach, FL, while also participating in numerous exhibitions. The number of cheerleaders varies depending on the talent level, but has consistently been around 20-25 girls. To make the team, the minimum tumbling requirement is standing two back handsprings and a running back tuck, and people with higher skill will be taken over those with little or no skills. Flyers are expected to perform single leg skills, including heel stretches, scales, arabesques, bow-and-arrows, and scorpions, and must be able to full down from these stunts, while bases will be expected to base these skills. We have practice twice a week, weights potentially twice a week, and one Saturday practice per month. As the 2015 Cheersport National Champions, we look forward to contiuing our success and encourage all interested cheerleaders to come to tryouts on September 6 from 6-8pm in Fetzer Gym C!

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The UNC Men's Crew competes in both head and sprint races in the fall and spring seasons respectively; however, athletic training occurs year-round. The goal of the UNC Men's Crew is to compete on a national level with the best club crews in the country and contend for championships at the SIRA, ECAC, Dad Vail, and ACRA regattas. Tryouts are held in the fall semester, but new rowers and coxswains are free to join at any time.  No prior experience is necessary.

Visit the club website at:


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The Cycling Club encompasses many aspects of racing including road, mountain, and cyclocross bikes. The collegiate mountain bike season runs in the fall, and the collegiate road racing season runs from March to May. The team belongs to the Atlantic Coast Cycling Conference, which includes teams from NC, VA, WV and MD. UNC Cycling welcomes riders of all abilities, ranging from competetive to recreational riders.

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UNC's Equestrian club is a coed, undergraduate only team. A spot on the team is secured through tryouts held at the beginning of each academic year. There are spots open for all levels of riding - from those who have never ridden before to those who have competed at the national level. We compete in Zone 4, Region 3 of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) against other school's club and varsity teams. For additional information, go to

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Field Hockey

Club Field Hockey consists of undergraduate and graduate students at UNC-Chapel Hill as well as some community members. The club is open to both men and women. There are no tryouts, although prior field hockey experience is preferred. The club is active year-round and competes against other regional college and club teams. Practices are held twice a week, and playing time in games is based on practice attendance and performance. 

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Club Football provides an opportunity to continue playing competitive full contact football past high school. We are the longest running sport club at UNC and compete for conference championships every season. We accept all skill levels from those that have never played before to those with college experience. We take pride in our tradition and tight knit camaraderie. 

For more information on Club Football, please see our website:

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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Club Golf team is a co-ed team that plays in both the Fall and Spring semesters. Each semester we compete in 2 Regional Tournaments and 1 National Championship if we qualify for it after regionals. Some are local, and others require the team to travel to courses throughout the southeast. UNC Club Golf is part of the North Carolina Region, which includes teams like Duke, NC State, Davidson, High Point, ECU, Elon, Wake Forest, Campbell, and UNC-W. Only 6-9 players travel with the team for each tournament. These teams will be determined by qualifying scores. Tryouts are held in the fall and competitive experience is necessary. We generally accept 20-30 members, and look for consistent scores under 85-90 (on par 72). 

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UNC Club Gymnastics is a co-ed  and competitive sports club. There are no tryouts and we accept new members of all skill level. We encourage anyone with an interest in the sport to come by and practice with us anytime throughout the year. Those who compete can particiapte in any of the 4 competitions we have including Nationals where you will be able to compete against hundred of gymnasts from across the country! Competitions and practices are largely what you make of them, however most of our competing members put forth an enormous amount of effort at the gym so we can look our best when we travel and compete. We also strive to create an atmosphere of comaraderie and friendship and the bond between our competing members could not be stronger. Again, prior experience is not necessary, so please come on over to Fetzer and see what we are all about!

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Ice Hockey

The UNC Ice Hockey team is part of the Atlantic Coast Conference Hockey League (ACCHL). This league consists of six teams, and everyone plays each of the other teams twice per year. The league is very competitive, and it takes a skilled player to make the team. The team competes during both semesters with try-outs being held at the start of the fall semester. If anyone is interested in joining the team during spring semester, we do accept walk-ons after an individual try-out. The team plays about 20-25 games each year, and we encourage everyone to come to our games at the Triangle SportsPlex in Hillsborough. Games are $ 3 for students (FREE with a UNC ID), $5 for adults, and free for anyone 12 and under.

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Carolina Judo promotes the study and practice of Kodokan Judo for recreational and competitive purposes.  The Judo club will hold regular practices and participate in sanctioned judo competitions and is affiliated with USA Judo ( Regular opportunities for promotion will be offered as well. All skill levels are welcome, however, beginners are encouraged to join at the beginning of each semester.

Practices are held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:00-10:00 pm and Sundays from 2:30-4:30 pm in the Fetzer Wrestling Room.

John Kwon -

Lacrosse - Women's

The Women's Lacrosse Club is a competitive atmosphere for skilled players. We practice 2-3 times a week and attend tournaments in the Fall and Spring. The team has won two National Championships in WCLA Division II and has recently moved to Division I play in 2014. We are looking forward to another great year!


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The Marathon team competes in a variety of local and regional races with distances ranging from 10k to full marathons. Practices consist of group runs to promote team camaraderie and help members train for upcoming club-sponsored races. We compete in one out-of-town race each semester and encourage members to run smaller races around Chapel Hill. We encourage anyone to come out and join us to make new friends and enjoy running!

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Modernextension is a modern dance company that gives students the opportunities to dance and choreograph. The club has an annual informal improvisation concert in the Fall and a formal concert in the Spring.  The team participates in weekly classes to improve technique and explore movement. These classes are taught by guest instructors from the community. Try-outs are held at the beginning of September, and some dance experience is usually advisable.

Claire Caudill -

Monkey Kung Fu

The Carolina Monkey Kung Fu Club introduces and instructs participants in the Ta Sheng Pi Kua Monkey style of Chinese Kung Fu. The Club is taught with traditional training methods by an instructor with over 20 years of experience in the Martial Art. Through physically demanding exercises students learn a variety of punching, kicking, self-defense and other various Kung Fu techniques. Participants also learn forms associated with the style. The Monkey Style strives to imitate and apply monkey's movements to human participants.

Practices help students to increase their physical strength and endurance, learn better self-coordination and self-control. Besides the physical training, members may also participate in relaxation and meditative exercises to work on perfecting their minds as well as their bodies.

Practice is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 to 8 pm in the Woollen Combatives Room. 

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UNC Quidditch is a competitive, co-ed team that plays the sport of Quidditch loosely based on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. Quidditch is a fast-paced, contact, co-ed sport in which players run with brooms between their legs in an eclectic mix of handball, soccer, and rugby. The UNC team mixes athleticism, inclusiveness, and nerdy fun to create a competitive friendly community. Last year the team placed 7th at the Quidditch World Cup, alongside teams from all over the country. 

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Club Racquetball is open for all levels of experience with the goal of teaching the sport to players in order to prepare them for regional competition if interested. We compete regionally, throughout NC and VA, playing against schools from six states. We are a co-ed team consisting of people from all around campus including undergrads, grad students, and faculty. 

Greg Leeman -

Rugby - Men's

The University of North Carolina Rugby Football Club was established in 1966 and has grown to become one of the largest and most competitive sport clubs at UNC and around the country. In its 40 years, the club has traveled all over the world, won state and regional championships, and produced both exceptional athletes and exceptional people. Today they compete at the highest level of collegiate rugby against some of the best teams the country has to offer. 

Justin Lackey -

Rugby - Women's

Since its resurrection in 1993, the UNCWRFC has become one of the premier women's rugby programs in the South and has appeared in the Division I Sweet 16 six out of the last ten years. UNC Women's Rugby is devoted to teamwork, camaraderie, and sisterhood. Our goal is to shape our players into strong athletes that will share their love of rugby and continue to play even after graduation. We accept all players of all body types and skill levels, and we will teach you to play the sport of rugby starting with the very basics. Most of our players have never even heard of rugby when they began college, and yet we still consistently compete nationally with varsity teams who have been playing for years. 

View our website:

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The Sailing Club is for anyone and everyone at UNC interested in sailing. We teach our members from scratch all the way up through the competitive racing level. Most members sail for fun, but our race team also competes in regattas all over the east coast from Florida to Virginia. The club also travels to retreats at the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Sage Stahmer -

Ski and Snowboard Team

UNCSST exists as a team entity that encompasses those wishing to compete in USCSA-sanctioned (United States Collegiate Ski and Snowboard Association) collegiate events in the following disciplines: Alpine,
Freestyle, Snowboarding, Nordic.  Regardless of the division of events,
all UNCSST team members will exist as a complete team, with a central
leadership team to direct travel and lodging coordination. 
The UNC Ski-Snowboard Team's mission is to instill a lifelong
appreciation for snow sports by uniting those with a desire to ski or
snowboard competitively, regardless of experience or ability level.

Kyle Hall -

Soccer - Men's

The UNC Men's Club Soccer team is a student-run organization that provides the highest level of non-varsity soccer at UNC. The team is extremely competitive, and competes against the best university club teams from across the nation as well as local division two and three varsity teams. Our ultimate goal is to win the NIRSA National Campus Championship Series (NCCS) National Soccer Championship, the highest honor for a college club soccer team in the nation.


In the fall, prospective members can look forward to competing against club teams from universities in North Carolina and neighboring states. We typically practice three times a week, and travel within North Carolina for weekend games. Our club will regularly compete in one to two tournaments outside of North Carolina, in addition to the Southeast Regional and NIRSA National tournaments at the end of the season. During the spring, we regularly compete against other university club teams as well as local division two and three teams, but our main emphasis is the fall season. Our team is partially funded by the UNC Club Sports Program, but primarily through membership dues. We are also responsible for raising any extra money needed to help fund trip and entry expenses for the national tournament.

In addition, the UNC Men's Soccer Club is a service organization, and engages in various service projects throughout the year. We represent both the University and the Sports Club Program, and members are expected to fulfill service hours to help maintain this important aspect of being a member of our team.

Eric Rossitch -

Soccer - Women's Blue

The Women's Club Soccer Blue team competes in both the fall and spring semesters against other collegiate club teams.    The Blue team will face a regional schedule against other club soccer teams from North Carolina.  Both the travel and financial commitment for Blue team members will be less that of members of the White Club.

Olivia Robertson -

Soccer - Women's White

UNC Club Soccer White is proud to compete in extremely high-level intercollegiate soccer while allowing players to maintain focus in academic studies and involvement in all sorts of other extracurriculars on campus. Especially during the Fall season, we expect serious commitment from our players as winning the Regional tournament and finishing in the elite eight at Nationals remain our expected goals; we obviously want to win it all though and think we've got a great shot! Our coach, Lars Van Dam, has years of coaching experience and emphasizes technical and tactically smart play. On and off the field the team is tight knit and values good communication and support as well as having fun.

Courtney Johnson -


Club Softball allows female UNC students, both graduate and undergraduate, the opportunity to play fastpitch sofball at a competitive level without having the time commitment of a varsity sport. Lifetime friendships are made on this team while playing on the field, and while doing communitiy service together off the field. A truly memorable and fun-filled college experience, UNC Club Softball is a community worth trying out!

Erin Thompson -


UNC Swim Club is a competitive swimming team, open to athletes of all ability levels. We train during five optional practices each week, led by team-elected officers. Each semester we travel throughout the region to compete in meets with other university swim clubs, culminating in a National Championship meet each April. Please contact our President for more information.


Michael Nyman -

Table Tennis

Steven Deepee -

Tae Kwon Do

The Carolina TKD Club practices WTF-style Tae Kwon Do, with a focus on Olympic-style sparring. We compete year round against other East Coast schools. Everyone from complete beginners to experienced black belts are encouraged and welcome to join; beginners are encouraged to join at the beginning of each semester. Whatever your background in martial arts, we welcome you to our Carolina Tae Kwon Do family! 

Rachel Desch -

Team Handball - Men's

The Men's Team Handball Club is a competitive club at UNC, that practices and competes year round. Playing against College and Club teams from across the country, the club is historically one of the top collegiate handball programs in the country. The team holds practice Monday and Wednesday from 4-6 in Fetzer Gym B. Anyone interested in the sport is more than welcome to come out and join, no previous experience is necessary. 

Josh McClenney -

Team Handball - Women's

The Women's Team Handball club at UNC is designed to promote and develop the sport of Team Handball in the UNC-Chapel Hill community. The club will teach members the rules and skills required to enjoy and compete in team handball; no experience necessary! Through practice and competition, the members will experience the rewards associated with small group interaction, training, and competitive play. The club is focused on the current and future development of the sport at the university, regional, and national levels. 

Danielle Eustace -


Men's Club Tennis and Women's Club Tennis have combined to form one Tennis Club. The two clubs compete together in Team Tennis events. They participate throughout North Carolina, the Southeast, and strive to reach their goal of competing in the year end NIRSA National Championships in April.

The club practices year-round Monday through Friday from 4 to 6 PM at the Outdoor Education Center on the outskirts of campus. Matches are held on the weekends as the team travels to tournaments and hosts teams here in Chapel Hill. Open try-out are held in the fall.

Roxanne Henshall -

Track & Field / X-Country

Club Cross Country/Track competes year round in various races both on and off campus. Fall cross country season offers the chance to compete in 5-6 meets against other collegiate club and varsity teams from across the country. We also compete on a national level at the NIRCA Cross Country National Championships. Club dues cover entry fees for several campus 5k races as well as certain local and regional road races throughout the spring semester. Dues paying members can also participate in the UNC varsity team's home meets during indoor and outdoor track seasons. All abilility levels are welcome!

Kasey Skinner -


The UNC Triathlon Club is a sports club that promotes the participation of students and faculty in the sport of triathlon. The club has organized practices and competition in order to facilitate individual and team improvement of the clubs goals. There are no try-outs for the club, and it is open to all levels of athletes and students. Anyone interested in swimming, biking, and running is encouraged to join!

Tristan Pike -

Ultimate - Men's (Blue)

Darkside is best described as a group of gentlemen whose dashing good looks and unflappable southern charm are outweighed only by their razor-sharp disc skills, breathtaking athleticism and blinding, white-hot competitive fire. More important still, is their propensity for camaraderie. Like soldiers headed to war, they must rely on each other and trust each other. Being placed in these situations creates an environment where a tight-knit sense of brotherhood is not just commonplace - it's inevitable. Competitors, teammates, gentlemen, brothers - This is Darkside. 

Tryouts: 8/17, 8/18, and 8/20 from 8:30-10pm on Hooker Fields.

JD Hastings -

Ultimate - Men's (White)

BatCh (B-team at Chapel Hill) is a fun and competitive ultimate team that competes at the developmental, sectional, and regional levels. As of 2012 we are independent from Darkside (A-team), but we encourage you to attend their tryouts during the first week of school. We do not have our own tryouts and throughout the season we focus on player growth. Anyone interested should come out to our practices, which are three times a week. In a given semester, we will attend or host 3-4 weekend tournaments. 

Matthew Watts -

Ultimate - Women's (Blue)

Women's Ultimate Frisbee is a competitive sport club, open to students of all abilities. It travels to face local, regional, and national opponents. The Women's Ultimate Blue team has competed at College Nationals four times in the past six years. 



Jocelyn Keung -

Ultimate - Women's (White)

Women's Ultimate White is here to bring Ultimate Frisbee to the women of UNC in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. The club is designed as a developmental team and is meant to help players improve their skills in Ultimate Frisbee and prepare them for the more advanced, Women's Ultimate Blue team in the future. However, no experience is necessary and we will work to teach you all the skills necessary to play the sport. You will learn how to throw a Frisbee and make some great friends along the way. No cuts will be made from the team, and we welcome undergraduate and graduate girls of all skill levels. 

Grace Ricks -

Volleyball - Men's

Carolina Men's Club Volleyball is a 24-man club that competes in intercollegiate volleyball throughout the state of North Carolina. The team plays against other schools in the region as a member of the Eastern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association (EIVA) South Division, as well as other universities across the country as a member of the National Collegiate Volleyballl Federatrion (NCVF). Tryouts are held at the beginning of each fall semester, and practices are held three evenings a week throughout the academic calendar. The team hosts and travels to tournaments in both the fall and spring semester, including the NCVF National Tournament at the beginning of April. 

Jay Aichelman -

Volleyball - Women's

UNC Club Volleyball consists of about 24 members, organized into two teams. As members of CWCVL (Carolina Women's Club Volleyball League) and NCVF (National Collegiate Volleyball Federation), both teams compete regionally and nationally. Other local teams in this league include NC State, Duke University, UNC Greensboro and UNC Wilmington, among others. Both teams compete in several local tournaments, as well as host a home tournament each semester. In the spring, both teams travel to compete in the National Championship tournament.

UNC Women's Club Volleyball takes pride in being a competitive team. This requires a serious commitment from every player. The commitment includes attending all practices and tournaments, as well as participating in club events and fundraisers.

Practices for each team are usually 2 to 3 times a week for 2 hours. Usually the club participates in 3-4 tournaments in the fall semester, including one tournament at UNC. In the spring semester, the teams travel to 3-4 tournaments, and finish the year at Nationals, usually in the beginning of April. 

For more club information and try-out information visit our website at:

Maggie Engellenner -

Water Polo - Men's

The UNC Men's Water Polo team is a group of around 15-20 undergraduate and graduate studnets of various skill levels competing in the CWPA's Atlantic Division. We have the privilege to practice twice a week at UNC's varisty pool (Koury Natatorium), and host North Carolina's largest water polo tournament in the spring with over 24 teams. No formal water polo experience is necessary, although swimming skills are certainly helpful! So if you're an ex-swimmer who is looking for something a little more interesting that staring at a black line, a water polo player that is ready to play some more, or someone who just wants to try a new sport - we look forward to meeting you!

Alex Walden -

Water Polo - Women's

The Women's Water Polo team includes a mix of amazing ladies, ranging from ex-swimmers trying a new sport to varsity high school polo players looking for a smaller commitment than varsity polo. Absolutely no experience is necessary to join our team (though knowing how to swim is helpful). We'll teach you everything you need to know about water polo. We have two mandatory practices a week throughout the school year on Tuesday and Thursday from 8-10pm at Koury Natatorium, in addition to other dry land practices throughout the week. We bond very strongly as a team, and look forward to bringing in new members!

Check out the website for more useful info:

Deanna Milunas -

Water Ski

UNC Water Ski and Wakeboard team welcomes participants of all skill levels, from beginners having skied before to people who have competed at the national level. Practices are generally held at Coble Water Ski School in Lillington, NC. The main water ski season is the fall, during which we attend a few tournaments through the South Atlantic Conference, including Regional Championships and hopefully the USA Water Ski National Championships. We have competed at the national level 3 out of the las 4 years. Please contact use with any questions and we look forward to getting you out on the water!

Caroline Werk -


The Wrestling Club is an open-mat style club designed to provide UNC students with the opportunity to wrestle competitively with each other in a relaxed practice environment. Currently, all competition is performed within the club. Club Officers include a president and two vice-presidents, responsible for scheduling and organizing practices and possible events. The club is open to wrestlers of all skill levels. Practice times are Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-8 in Fetzer Wrestling room.

Sean Flannigan -

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