Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I sign up? Do I need to pay or anything? Is there a listserv? There is no need to “sign up” for Campus Rec. All full-time students automatically receive a membership, so once you are enrolled you are eligible to participate. To register for activities, use your ONYEN to sign in to your Stay Active portal. We do not have a listserv.
  2. Where are the gyms on campus? There are two gyms (recreation centers) on campus: Rams Head Recreation Center and the Student Recreation Center (SRC). See them on the map. The SRC and Fetzer Hall are attached with two main entrances. Although it has “gym” in the title, Woollen Gym is made up of classrooms, weight rooms and space for LFIT and EXSS classes, basketball courts, and has the indoor pool attached.
  3. When are the gyms the busiest/when is the best time to go? Our facilities can get pretty busy during the semester, so we’ve installed crowd level tracking technology so that our students can view real-time information on how busy our facilities are. View current occupancy information for the SRC and Rams Head here.
  4. What equipment do the gyms have? It’s hard to describe how much each gym has, but both are fully stocked similar to any commercial gym. Check out these videos for more: Facility Tours videos. Both gyms have a wide variety of equipment. Weight lifting equipment: Squat racks, barbells, dumbbells, weight plates, benches, resistance machines, plyo boxes, and more. cardio equipment: Ellipticals, treadmills, bikes, stair-steppers, rowers, arm ergometers, jump ropes, an Indoor track, and more.
    • Student Recreation Center: Newer equipment, weight lifting platforms with attached squat racks, turf area, variety of barbells, TRX suspension straps, pull-up bar rig with wall-ball targets, stair-stepper, and more.
    • Rams Head Rec Center: Newer building, less free weight equipment, same machines, indoor track, attached rock climbing wall, attached locker rooms, and more.
    • Fetzer Hall: basketball, volleyball, and badminton courts, International and American Squash courts, raquetball courts, cycle studio 
    • Woollen Gym: 6 basketball courts, 2 dance studios, combat room
  5. Do you have indoor rock climbing walls, auto-belays, or bouldering? Yes, we have two indoor climbing walls, Fetzer Climbing Wall (accessible through the SRC or Fetzer) and one in Rams Head Climbing Wall. We have auto-belays and a bouldering wall in Fetzer. Check out the video links for more!
  6. Do I have to pay to use the indoor climbing walls? There is an additional cost associated with using the climbing wall. We offer a belay membership (belay test required) or auto-belay/bouldering membership. We also offer an introductory course, as well as skill workshops throughout the semester. Learn more.
  7. Do I have to pass a belay test to use the indoor climbing walls? Yes, you have to pass a belay test to belay others at the climbing walls. Experienced belayers may take a belay test and will be allowed to belay if they pass the test. Otherwise, the climbing wall staff will be happy to belay you and instruct you on the use of our auto belay stations. Inexperienced climbers can sign up for our instructional classes that are typically offered throughout the semester.
  8. Can I rent equipment like basketballs or racquets? Yes, equipment rental is available. Availability of items varies between facilities.
    • Basketballs- Men’s and Women’s
    • Indoor volleyballs 
    • Pickleball paddles and balls 
    • Foam rollers 
    • Mats 
    • Resistance bands 
    • Weight belts 
    • Dip belts 
    • Jump ropes 
    • Bar pads 
    • Ankle straps 
    • Wrist wraps & straps 
    • Badminton racquets 
  9. What are the facility hours? The facility hours may vary throughout the semester, specifically around finals and break. During the semester, the gyms are typically open between 6am and 11pm, most likely 8am-8pm. The pool is open around 6am-7pm. The rock walls are open in the afternoon and evening. Other facilities, like the outdoor fields and basketball courts are available when other events are not going on. Learn more.
  10. Do you offer ______ group fitness class? Probably! We have a wide variety of group fitness classes: cycle, yoga, cardio dance (Zumba), barre, pilates, step, HIIT, bootcamp, and more. During the semester, we typically offer 30+ classes per week so we usually have what you’re looking for!
    • Formats we do NOT offer: “hot” yoga, aerial yoga, pilates with a reformer or other props, boxing, or water aerobics (sometimes for a special event).
    • Find the current schedule here
  11. Are there locker rooms and/or showers to change between classes? Yes, there are locker rooms with showers in all facilities including the pools. Front desk staff can show you to the locker rooms. SRC and Fetzer share locker rooms in Fetzer (ground level). Woollen and Bowman Gray Pool share lockers in the basement of Woollen. Rams Head Rec Center has its own locker rooms with showers. 
  12. Are there gender neutral restrooms? There are gender neutral restrooms and changing rooms in both Rams Head and the Student Recreation Center. There is also a gender neutral changing room with a shower at Bowman Gray Memorial Pool. Learn more
  13. What is the difference between Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs? This is the most popular question at Orientation! Intramural sports are short-term, recreational activities that take place on-campus and only involve participants from Carolina, Tar Heels playing Tar Heels. Sport Clubs are University-recognized student organizations that are student-run and student-funded. Typically, these are year-round clubs that compete in intercollegiate competitions on a local, regional, and national scale.
  14. Do you offer ______ Intramural Sport? Potentially! We offer a wide variety of Intramural Sports and they vary semester to semester. Not all sports are offered every semester. 
  15. Can I create my own team to play Intramural Sports? If I don’t have a team, can I join one? You can register for an Intramural Sport by creating your own team with friends, classmates, etc. or as a “free agent” and you will be assigned a team. You can find all up to date information here, but feel free to contact our Sport Programs staff with questions at
  16. Do you have a ______ Sport Club? Probably! Our list of active Sport Clubs is on our website. Check it out and click the sport club to view their contact info.
  17. When are practices, try-outs, games, etc. for ______ Sport Club? It depends! Sport Clubs are student run and practices, try-outs, experience level, etc. depend on the club.
  18. Can I work for Campus Rec? Yes, please do! We typically do not hire new students to start working their first semester. There are some exceptions depending on need and desired position (Ex. If we need lifeguards and you are already certified.) Check out our available positions and look out for more information!
  19. Do I need experience to do ______? It depends, but typically no, you do not need experience to participate in our programs! Our programs are open to everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, or sexual-orientation, and all experience levels are welcome. This includes exercise classes, intramural sports, facility & equipment usage, outdoor expeditions, climbing, challenge course, and trying out for a sport club.
    • Exceptions: Since some Sport Clubs do have try-outs, experience might be highly recommended. In addition, some expeditions, like outdoor rock climbing, recommend previous experience. This is typically indicated on registration.
  20. What is the best way to stay up-to-date? Follow us on social media @unccampusrec (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok) and visit our website,, especially when it gets closer to the semester. That’s where you will find our hours, events, and updates on specific programs. Lastly, if you have any additional questions, contact us at or reaching out to a staff member.

Contact: Victoria Bliss

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