Getting Involved

Create a Team, Join a Team, or Become a Free Agent

What is the difference between sport clubs and intramural sports?

Intramural Sports are short-term, recreational activities that take place at UNC and only involve participants from Carolina. Sport Clubs are University recognized student organizations that are student-run and student-funded. Typically, these are year-round clubs that compete in intercollegiate competitions on a local, regional, and national scale.

Interested in Intramural Sports?

You can join an intramural sport in one of three ways:

1) Create a Team – Become a Team Captain

The easiest way to get involved is to form a team on your own: You, a few of your friends, roommates, neighbors, etc. Student organizations such as fraternities and sororities, as well as other campus groups often put together teams as well. Ask at your organization’s next group meeting. The key is to REGISTER EARLY! Each sport has its own registration period. To find out when that is for each sport, check our Intramural Sports page.

2) Join a Team

Another easy way to get involved is to join a team that is already created. This could be a group of friends, roommates, suitemates, or members in various student organizations, etc. Occasionally, there may be teams that don’t have a full roster and may indicate they are “Looking for Players”; you can request to join their team as well.

3) Become A Free Agent

If you are still looking for a team, you can list yourself as a free agent for any particular sport. You will be visible to all members of the site and can request to join teams or post information about yourself so teams can request to add you to their team.

Interested in Sport Clubs?

Visit the Sport Clubs page on our site.