1. How do I register for an expedition? Register in the Campus Recreation Main Office (SRC 101) or online. You can pay in cash or with your One Card when registering in person or with credit card with registering online. You will be given a medical information form to complete and bring to the pre-trip meeting along with an information sheet about your trip and a map to the OEC, where the pre-trip meeting will be held.
  2. Can I receive a refund if I cancel? There are no refunds once you have registered for an expedition unless Carolina Outdoor Education Center cancels the trip. We have a limited number of spaces and when people cancel it makes it very difficult to fill a trip and remain financially viable.
  3. Why would Carolina Adventures cancel a trip? Sometimes we have to cancel a trip if we do not have the minimum of six participants or there is dangerous weather such as a hurricane or blizzard.
  4. When should I register for an expedition? As soon as possible. Expeditions are limited to eight or nine participants and filled on a first come, first served basis. Sometimes trips fill up quickly and other times we have to cancel a trip due to low registration.
  5. Can I register at the pre-trip meeting? No, you must register prior to the pre-trip meeting. If we do not have a minimum of six participants we will not have the pre-trip meeting.
  6. What if I cannot attend the pre-trip meeting? The pre-trip meeting is a mandatory part of the trip. Anyone not in attendance at the pre-trip meeting must make arrangements to meet with the instructors.
  7. Why is there a mandatory pre-trip meeting? It is important that participants are informed about what the trip will involve prior to showing up the day of the trip. We will show you a map of where you will be going and let the group plan their route, based on their goals for coming on the trip. Once your route is planned you can decide on departure and return times. We also collect medical information, sign risk acknowledgment forms, discuss weather potential and make sure everyone has the clothes they need.
  8. What if I have little or no experience? Most of our trips have beginners. We provide all the equipment and will teach you all of the necessary skills. Our expeditions work together to establish a pace and itinerary that both challenges everyone and takes into account varying experience and fitness levels.
  9. What time do trips typically depart and return to UNC? Day trips generally leave around 9 a.m. and return around 6 p.m. Weekend trips depart after everyone gets out of class on Friday (usually around 5 p.m.) and return Sunday around 6 p.m.
  10. How many people go on the expedition? Two or three Instructors and eight or nine participants depending on the type of trip.
  11. What do I need to bring on the trip? Just your personal clothing, flashlight/headlamp, water bottles, footwear, and toiletries. We provide all other equipment and have a surplus clothes bin if you need to borrow some extra clothing (not socks or shoes).
  12. Can I drive separately or get dropped off somewhere after the trip? No. Due to liability issues, all participants must travel with vehicles provided by Carolina Outdoor Education Center.
  13. What if I am a vegetarian, vegan or have food allergies? We will discuss the menu at the pre-trip meeting and select options that take into account everyone’s dietary needs.
  14. Can I bring my dog? No pets, please.
  15. Do I have to sign up or register for a workshop or can I just show up? You must register for all workshops.
  16. Can I bring someone who is not a student at UNC? All students, alumni, staff, and faculty are eligible. You may bring one adult guest and they are required to pay an additional fee of $10 per day.
  17. How long will the pre-trip meeting last? Pre-trip meetings for daytrips last about one hour. Pre-trip meetings for overnight trips last about an hour and a half. Pre-trip meetings for all kayaking trips last about 2-3 hours. Kayaking pre-trip meetings are longer due to the time needed for wet-exit practice and check-outs. Please plan accordingly and bring a swimsuit to kayaking pre-trip meetings
  18. Do I have to be 18 to participate in an expedition or workshop? No, but you will need your parent or guardian’s signature on the release form.