Challenge Course Programs

A Challenge Course is a combination of mental and physical challenges requiring groups to work as a team to accomplish goals. Through a series of fun and unusual activities, participants learn valuable information about themselves, each other and the group as a unit. By removing people from their usual environment and placing them in a new, unique setting, a challenge course experience fosters shared learning, openness and cooperation. The blocks below contain detailed information about each program type offered to groups at the Challenge Course. For more detailed information about who can use the course, pricing, etc., please visit the Challenge Course page.  

No Group? No Problems!

Each semester the Challenge Course hosts several special events that enable interested individuals or small groups to participate in Challenge Course elements without the need to find a larger group. Want to check out events like Singles Day on the Course, Outdoor Rec Fest, and Fullmoon Zipline? Visit the Special Events page and see what we have coming up!

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