Personal Training Policies

Personal Training Registration Fees

  • Carolina Fitness charges a fee for services rendered by Personal Trainers. Participants must
    include payment when submitting the registration form to SRC 101 or online. (The Campus Rec Office
    accepts payments in Cash or by UNC ONE Card.)
  • Campus Recreation must receive your registration fees (Cash or UNC ONE Card) in SRC 101 or online
    before your trainer can begin sessions.
  • Personal Training Fees are non-refundable.

Personal Training Policies

  • All personal training participants must complete a registration form and submit it along with the
    corresponding registration fee prior to scheduling the first session.
  • Participants may only purchase one Personal Training Package at a time.
  • Participants may purchase additional Personal Training Packages upon completion of the originally
    purchased sessions.
  • Each time a participant registers for an additional Training Package; their name will be placed
    on the waiting list for a trainer.
  • If you check ‘Yes’ to any questions in the PAR-Q section of the registration form, you must also
    download, complete, and turn in a Medical Clearance Form to begin training sessions.
  • Each participant will be assigned one trainer per group of sessions. A participant can request a
    specific trainer on the PT Registration form.
  • Clients are assigned to trainers based on availability.
  • Participants should complete sessions within semester of purchase, barring extenuating
  • The first session of each package will be a comprehensive fitness assessment for new clients.
  • Additional packages will not include a fitness assessment. If the patron requests an assessment,
    will count as a portion of a session within the package.
  • The personal trainer and participant will agree to complete the sessions purchased. Sessions will
    be scheduled at mutually convenient, agreed upon times.
  • If the participant is unable to make a scheduled session, he/she must notify the personal trainer
    at least 24 hours in advance. If a client cancels a session less than 24 hours in advance, he/she
    will be charged for said session.
  • Carolina Fitness allows a 15 minute grace period for late arrival to scheduled sessions. The
    personal trainer will only wait 15 minutes past the scheduled meeting time for the participant,
    unless the participant has expressed the expected tardiness. Participants will be charged for all
    missed sessions.

Download a copy of a the Personal Training Policies here

Contact: Kendall Hardin