Personal Training Policies

Getting Started

  • To sign up with a trainer, all participants must log into Stay Active and purchase the appropriate package. During this process, you’ll complete the registration questions and submit them along with the corresponding payment. Once successfully registered, the Fitness and Wellness team will contact you within 2 business days with an automatic link from our personal training software, Trainerize, to fill out your initial consultation forms, availability and set up your initial appointment. Please check your spam folder for this link if it is not in your direct inbox.
  • If you mark ‘Yes’ on any questions in the PAR-Q section of the registration form, you must also download, complete, and turn in a Medical Clearance Form to begin training sessions. For questions regarding medical clearance, please contact Becky Eacho, Assistant Director for Fitness and Wellness.
  • Each client will be assigned to a trainer based on their availability, trainer preference, and goals (Please note: Clients are able to request a specific trainer, however we cannot guarantee that trainer will be available. If they are not available, the client will be paired with a different trainer).
  • Clients may only purchase one Personal Training Package at a time, unless otherwise discussed with your trainer and the Assistant Director for Fitness and Wellness. A Renewal Package may be purchased upon completion of the original package.
  • All Personal Training sales are non-refundable.

Sessions & Training

  • Participants should complete sessions within the semester of purchase (barring any extenuating circumstances). All session packages expire 6 months after the purchase date, no exceptions. Your purchase and expiration dates will be included in the notes section of your Trainerize account folder.
  • For all new clients, the first session of your package will be a comprehensive fitness assessment. Clients who are renewing their package will not receive an additional assessment session. If the client requests an assessment, it will count as a portion of a session within the package.
  • Sessions will be scheduled at mutually convenient/agreed upon times by the client and trainer.


  • All clients are expected to notify their trainer at least 24 hours in advance of their previously scheduled session. If a client cancels a session less than 24 hours in advance, they will be charged for said session.
  • The Fitness and Wellness Team allows a 15-minute grace period for late arrival to scheduled sessions. After 15 minutes the session will be cancelled. Sessions that start late will still end at the scheduled time.

Contact: Alex Grunerio