Heel Fit Group Training


What is Heel Fit?

Heel Fit is an inclusive, community oriented training program designed to enhance fitness through a focus on strength, power, aerobic capacity and joint mobility training. Our goal is to provide ALL participants with an intentional, progressive, and fun training program!

Why should I join?

All workouts are designed as intentional, progressive programs to help participants reach their fitness goals. Our coaches are nationally accredited and trained to provide options to meet individual needs. If you are needing something new or some extra motivation, come join us!

What to Expect?
  • Small Group Environment – max of 8 people per class
  • Comprehensive & Progressive Workout Program – the program works in 4-week strength blocks, and will progress from week to week. All in-person classes will be 50 minutes in length and include the following segments; pre-workout warm-up, main strength work, metabolic conditioning, accessory/core, post-workout recovery/stretch.
  • Coaching & Instruction – our awesome coaches are here to provide individualized options for every participant, to make sure each workout fits your individual needs
  • Inclusive Community – we are here to help motivate, support, and encourage you no matter where you are at in your wellness journey. You belong here!

Program Includes:

Your Heel Fit Pass will provide access to the following:

  • Unlimited Weekly Group Classes
How to Join:
  1. Sign up for your Heel Fit Membership Pass (UNC Login Required)
  2. View Current Class Schedule & Details HERE
  3. Pre-register for all classes up to 48 hours in advance on Stay Active




Semester Pass = full access to unlimited classes from the start of the semester through the last day of classes

$45 $60

Month Pass = full access to unlimited classes for 30 days

$25 $30

Day Pass = access to 1 class

$10 $10

For any questions or concerns, please email Aliyah Valdez, Fitness & Wellness Coordinator at avaldez@unc.edu