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Group Training

Welcome to UNC Group Training! Group training includes small group training, like Women & Weights, and our new group training program, Heel Fit. We invite everyone regardless of background, gender identity, or ability to join our fitness community!


We’re offering LIVE Heel Fit Group Training classes you can participate in at home for FREE! Join our instructors on Zoom for live, 35 min classes starting May 4th! Classes are strength & conditioning focused workouts led by your favorite Heel Fit Coaches. After you register for the Summer Pass, you will receive additional information & Zoom links via email.

If you are new to Heel Fit, here is a little more about the program: Heel Fit is an inclusive, community oriented training program designed to enhance fitness through a focus on strength, power, aerobic capacity and joint mobility training. Our goal is to provide all participants with a comprehensive and fun training program!

We have a weekly schedule with 3 Heel Fit classes per week, but we may update the schedule and add classes based on the response and feedback.

Register for the summer HERE for FREE! Check out the weekly fitness schedule with LIVE Heel Fit and Group Fitness classes.

We also have pre-recorded, bodyweight workouts you can do at home on our YouTube page: Heel Fit at Home Workouts.

Warning: Please read before participating –

By accessing, using, or viewing this workout you are agreeing to UNC-CH Campus Recreation’s Terms of Use and Liability Waiver. To make virtual fitness classes as freely accessible as possible to our members, and any other participants, we will be using this statement as a warning and assumption of risk. Participation in this class is voluntary. Physical activity programs may result in injury, and by participating, you assume the risk of injury. We strongly recommend that you participate from a space that is suitable for this activity. For example, make sure you move furniture and other potential hazards out of the way. We recommend creating an open space with enough space between you and any other object. We also recommend using a mat on the ground or a carpeted area. Moving on slick floors may result in injury. Participants are encouraged to stop if they experience pain or injury and should seek appropriate medical advice or care as needed. UNC-CH Campus Recreation strongly recommends that each participant have an annual physical examination and follow the advice of your health care provider before participating.


Fitness By Design:

Interested in creating your own Group Training class for you and your friends? Email Lindsay Brookey for more information.

3 – 5 people $27.50/hour $37.50/hour
6 – 7 people $38.50/hour $52.50/hour
8 – 10 people $55.00/hour $75.00/hour

*All participants must be students in order to receive the student rate