Emelda Oyugi


  • Head Lifeguard
  • From Kings Mountain, North Carolina
  • Exercise and Sport Science Major
  • Class of 2021

I work for Campus Rec because I am passionate about lifeguarding and I believe being active is an important part of wellness. I aspire to be an Occupational Therapist. After graduation I hope to spend time unwinding with family over the summer and being enrolled in an Occupational Therapy Program in the Fall. While working for Campus Rec I have learned the value of teamwork, customer service, education, and perspective. Over the past few years, I have enjoyed getting to know patrons and meeting new people through Aquatics, they have become such a key part of my Carolina experience! In the future I hope to carry the lessons I’ve learned about the importance of synergy and community.

FUN FACT: I’ve met Obama’s grandmother.