Accessible Equipment

Commitment to Inclusion

There are several machines within our facilities that are designed with accessibility in mind. Below are several examples of those pieces of equipment. Additionally, staff is available in the facility to assist you with the equipment, if needed.  Please do not hesitate to ask for help! 

  • Facilities staff members are here to assist you, whether that is helping you load weights, adjust machines, or spot your lift, do not hesitate to ask for help!
    assistance on bench press

    Staff member assisting patron by loading barbell with weight

  • For patrons able to transfer, the stationary machines are a great option to build strength in a controlled manner. Be aware – the hoist brand machines move with you.  The user becomes an integral part of the exercise by continuously adjusting the position of the user with the movement of the exercise arm.
    stationary row machine

    Patron using horizontal row hoist machine

  • The precor FTS glide maching employs user-defined paths of motion that allow for an endless variety of exercises that build balance, stability, and power. If cable attachments are out of reach, please ask a facilities staff member for assistance.
    cable machine use

    Patron sitting using precor FTS glide machine

  • This upper body ergometer is a versatile, highly adjustable upper body exerciser that can be used seated or standing. Features: wheelchair platform included.
    upper body erg use

    Patron using sci fit upper body ergometer

  • This equipment was designed with accessibility in mind. For patrons able to transfer, this equipment provides you with the ability to strength single or multiple muscle groups at one time.
    cable equipment use

    Patron using free motion selectorized equipment

  • For manual wheel chair users, the Indoor track is a great place to improve cardiovascular fitness.
    indoor track

    View of indoor track at Rams Head Rec Center

  • Use this elevated mat to ease the transition from standing to sitting/lying positioning. Complete your core series in comfort!
    elevated mat use

    Patron using elevated mat

  • Hydraulic Chair in both Bowman Gray Indoor and Kessing Outdoor Pool
    Chair Lift

    Bowman Gray Pool

    Chair Lift

    Kessing Pool