Officers' Info

Membership Forms and Documents

Travel Forms & Information

  • Travel Itinerary
    • To be completed for all official Sport Clubs travel
    • Must be completed for each trip and submitted through IMLeagues
  • Driver Insurance Form
    • To be completed by all drivers transporting Sport Clubs athletes using personal vehicles
    • Must be completed once per vehicle, per year

Budget and Finance Forms

Community Service Program

The goal of the UNC Sport Clubs Community Service Incentive Program is to increase service participation and volunteer efforts in the local community, increase awareness about service organizations and opportunities, and to assist sport clubs with their fundraising efforts.

  • Rameses Recycles is a broad-based effort to reduce waste and improve recycling at Carolina Athletic events and aims to:
    • Reduce the amount of waste produced and landfilled during the sport events
    • Enhance the game day experience
    • Fulfill University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s commitment to sustainability (economic, environmental, and social)
    • Recycling education to all attendees and Carolina fans
    • 2017-18 Rameses Recycles Registration Form
  • Blood Platelet Drive is a partnership with the UNC Blood Donation Center to encourage clubs to donate platelets and complete against each other to see which club can get the most donors.
    • 2018 Sport Clubs Blood Platelet Drive Information & Rules

Preferred Vendors

Chapel Hill University Inn