Jacynta Smith


  • Group Fitness Instructor
  • From Concord, North Carolina
  • Political Science & Peace, War and Defense Major
  • Class of 2021

“Cycle is my break from reality. I write papers and read articles all day, the ability to hop on the bike and release stress is an amazing feeling. I am filled with joy knowing I can bring that joy to others. Working for Campus Rec has shown me that not only can I love my job, but I can love the people I work with. Going into work is never a bore. I may be tired or have pounds of homework to do, but I can always find a confidant while working. The comfort level and happiness with a job is something I did not know was possible until Campus Rec. After graduation, I want to work in the legal or political field. Not sure where or doing what. However, that is the goal.”

FUN FACT: I know Swahili.