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Special Events

Swim Stroke Clinics

UNC Aquatics is offering a unique opportunity for you to have your swimming strokes evaluated by a qualified swim instructor!

Sign up for a 20-minute time slot to have your swim strokes evaluated and video taped by an instructor. You will receive feedback during your session on ways to improve the efficiency of your strokes. Your instructor will also record a second time to show the suggestions in action. After your instructor has a chance to review your videos, they will email you with the videos and more suggestions, drills, and workout advice to improve your swimming efficiency and endurance!

Swim clinics are not intended for beginning swimmers. If you are interested in learning to swim, check out our adult swim lessons!

Dates: February 13, March 13 & April 10, 2021

Times: 20-minute time-slots between 1-4 PM

Cost: $10

Registration Required. Visit Stay Active to sign up.