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Special Events

Climbing Anchor Workshop

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This is an 3-4 hour– starting at 1:30 pm– workshop to transition from the gym to the crag. Our anchor workshops are designed to function in tandem with our top rope climbing trips so that you can choose to do the anchor workshop prior to the climbing trip, and then get a chance to build an anchor while on the trip itself and then climb on the anchor that you built. Alternatively, you’re welcome to do the anchor workshop as a part of your continuing education in climbing and take the knowledge and go out and get some conglomerate rock on your own.

During this workshop you will learn:

-Equipment sizing and use, including what material to use to make an anchor.

-4 or more knots that are needed to build climbing anchors and to manage safety at a cliff edge.

-The principles of what makes a good anchor and be able to identify a good anchor from a bad one in less than a minute.

-Identify natural anchors and set up a work line in order to lower yourself to the bolts for the anchor.

-Utilizing an extended rapel with a friction hitch VS using a gri-gri to lower yourself

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