Ultimate White (W)

We are the women’s ultimate B-team. We like to play frisbee, develop our skills, and have fun! We have mandatory practice 3 days a week and also go to a weekend tournament twice in the fall and usually 4 times in the spring. We welcome players of all skill level that are willing to put into the commitment to being a part of a team!

How to Join: Tryouts; We have joint tryouts with A team (Pleiades) throughout September. You can try out for both or either team, but we will take anyone/if you get cut from Pleiades. Additionally, we prefer to not have late joiners but will definitely work with you to see if it works well/possibly catch you up on frisbee fundamentals to make sure you’re acclimated to the team!

Dues/Fundraising: $30 dues and $50 fundraising

Competitive Seasons: Fall/Spring

Competition Level: Regional

National Governing Body: USA Ultimate

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Placed first at Atlantic Coast Developmental Regionals (first time in program history, highest level of play possible i.e. no national tournament)
  • Hosted a USAU Sanctioned Tournament called Hucking and Shucking
  • Had 3 players coach middle school teams for the first time!

Contact: Nellie Wise nelliek@live.unc.edu 502-523-5354

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