Soccer Blue (W)

The UNC Women’s Club Soccer Blue team is a competitive Club Team that plays high level soccer. However, we have a lower commitment level in terms of time and money compared with the Club Soccer White Team. We practice twice a week, have an optional weight room session and play about six games each Fall and Spring season. We have one travel tournament in the Fall, but all of our other games are within North Carolina and usually are no longer than a 2 hour drive. We strive to create a fun atmosphere during practices and have a diverse team where everyone is involved with different activities on campus.

How to Join: Tryouts on the 1st and 2nd day of classes in the fall

Dues: $100 per year for new members and $50 per year for returning members

Competitive Season: Fall

Competitive Level: Regional

National Governing Body: National Intramural Recreational Sports Association

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Undefeated in the Fall season
  • Fundraised approximately 260% of the money we were allocated last year
  • Made it to the semi-finals in all 3 tournaments we participated in

Contact: Jessie Keener 910-580-4564