Rugby (W)

UNC Women’s Rugby is one of the premier collegiate teams in the South, and remains a program that is consistently nationally ranked. We hold a strong legacy of promoting not only athletic excellence, but also creating a sisterhood built on camaraderie and teamwork. We openly recruit year round for new members. There is no prior rugby experience required to join the team; in fact, the majority of our players have no rugby experience before joining our team. We have an abundance of coaches and veteran players that are happily willing to teach new members correct technique and strategy.

How to Join: Open membership/Join at any time; We hold an open New Player Camp on August 25, 2018

Fundraising/Dues: Each player pays $200 per year ($100 per semester) to play on the team along with certain fundraising requirements. However, for players experiencing financial hardship she/they can come to one of our officers to confidentially work out an alternate arrangement to subsidize her/their dues.

Competitive Season: Spring

Competition Level: National

National Governing Body: USA Rugby

Recent Accomplishments:

  • 7-2 Regular Season Conference Record
  • Placed 3rd in Conference
  • USA Rugby Sweet 16 Appearance

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