Waterski and Wakeboard

The UNC Waterski and Wakeboard club is a member of USA Collegiate Waterski and the South Atlantic Conference. We compete in 3-5 tournaments during the fall and spring with other schools in the SAC, including UGA, Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, and USC. No competitive skiing experience is required! We practice at the beginning of the fall semester, but our hours are flexible. If you enjoy spending time at the lake with good friends, this is the club for you!

How to Join: Open membership/Join at any time

Dues: $150 dues, covers tournament dues, SAC dues, travel and practice fees

Practice Location: Coble Water Ski School (Lillington, NC)

Competitive Season: Fall

Competition Level: National

National Governing Body: USA Waterski

Recent Accomplishments: 

  • Combined the tournament and recreational team
  • Recruited 8 new members after the majority of team graduated last year, and they competed in tournaments
  • One member serves on the South Atlantic Conference executive board

Contact: Lacey O'Sullivan laceyo@live.unc.edu 404-242-2803