The UNC Sailing club is a way for both experienced and beginning sailors to get out on the water here at UNC. We teach beginning skill members all the way up through the competitive racing level. The club has a fleet of 8 new 420’s, small two person sailboats, and a team of coaches ready to teach students how to sail. Our competitive racing team travels around the Southeast to compete against other schools, and we sail at Jordan Lake, just a 15-20 minute drive from campus.

Fundraising/Dues: $60/semester

How to join organization: Open Membership. Join at any time

Practice Days & Times: TBA

Practice Location: Jordan Lake

Competitive Season: Fall & Spring

Competition Level: Regional

National Governing Body: Intercollegiate Sailing Association

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Rebooting the Racing Team and competing in a regatta

  • Gathering all-new interest in the club by adding over 30 new members

  • Partnering with other sailing clubs for joint organized practices and coaching

Contact: Ann Burns Morrison (757) 633-4937

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