Modernextension is a fully student-run dance company at UNC that has the privilege of being part of the Sport Clubs program through Campus Recreation. Over the past 31 years, Modernextension has provided the Carolina community with high quality performances and an outlet for dancers looking to advance their modern dance technique. Under the instruction of dance professionals, the dancers have the privilege of weekly technique classes, in conjunction with year-long rehearsals. We have two shows–an informal improvisation show in the fall, and a showcase in the spring that is completely student-choreographed. We don’t require a certain level of dance experience to be a member, but we have auditions in late August in order to keep our company small and close-knit. Come check us out!

How to Join: Tryouts in late August between Fall Fest and Labor Day weekend


  • $80 per year ($40 per semester for members studying abroad one semester)
  • We require participation in fundraising events and for members to sell at least 2 Sport Clubs Discount Cards

Competitive Season: Fall/Spring

Recent Accomplishments:

  •  Super successful spring show
  • Accomplished our goal of improving communication and community feel of our members
  • Had community teachers every week

Contact: Heather Swain 919-998-8805

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