Carolina Judo promotes the study and practice of Kodokan Judo for recreational and competitive purposes. The Judo club will hold regular practices and participate in sanctioned judo competitions. Regular opportunities for promotion will be offered as well.    The essence of Judo is captured in its American translation — the “gentle way”. The sport of Judo is a delicate balance between an art form and a form of combat. Balance is an integral part of Judo’s ultimate goal: the perfection of human character through harmony. Judo, then, is more than just a sport, it is a way of life. Each student is a teacher and each teacher a student. Carolina Judo exists to give members the opportunity to strive towards the highest levels of Judo, both mentally and physically, in an atmosphere of friendship and mutual respect.


  • $15 dues per semester. $30 total for the year. 
  • New members will be expected to buy their own uniform after trying out the club and deciding to stay with us.

How to join organization: Open Membership.  Join at any time

Practice Days & Times: 

  • Monday 8pm-10pm
  • Wednesday 8pm-10pm 

Practice Location: Fetzer Wrestling room

Competitive Season: Fall/Spring

Competition Level: Regional

National Governing Body: USA Judo

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Good club attendance at a local tournament with most of members placing well.

  • Five rank promotions. Two green belts, two blue belts, and one brown belt.

  • One of our club members is currently studying in Japan and has been training in Judo there.

Contact: Giles Somerville thegiles@live.unc.edu (919)608-6447

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