Half Day of Lows

4-hour program

Facilitators guide groups through a progressive sequence of games, challenges, and trust building activities. This process promotes bonding, cooperation, communication and recognition of the group’s strengths and weaknesses. Throughout the program time is taken to debrief what the group experiences in order to transfer concepts learned in each activity to experiences in the office, classroom, residence hall, or on the playing field. These discussions encourage group members to respectfully discuss what they saw, how they felt, and how the team performed, communicated, and collaborated. The process of planning, working, and discussing together as a group ultimately brings the group members closer together.

The activities chosen for each group vary depending on demographics, fitness levels, group preference and the goals of the group (as discussed in the reservation process). Program plans can change throughout the day based upon the progress of the group and the safety mindedness of the participants. Not all groups will do activities that include spotting and lifting.

In addition to the countless icebreakers, initiatives, and fun games the COEC Facilitators have to offer, some of the constructed low elements at the COEC Challenge Course that you might experience include:

  • All Aboard
  • Islands/Mountaintops
  • King’s Finger
  • Mohawk Walks I & II
  • Nitro Crossing
  • Spiderweb
  • TP Shuffle
  • Trust Fall
  • The Wall
  • Whale Watch
  • Wild Woozy