Half Day of Highs

4-hour program.

High course elements have traditionally been used as a tool to physically and mentally challenge individuals. While this is a feature of any high course experience, team building and group cohesion can also be accomplished. High course programs are great for groups who know each other well and for groups who want to learn more about each other. The intention of each program is to encourage members to push past perceived personal limits. No-one is ever coerced or required to do any challenge course element they choose not to do.

All challenge course elements (including high elements) are conducted with the utmost attention to safety. All necessary equipment such as harnesses, carabiners, helmets, and ropes are provided, managed, fitted and set up by trained Carolina Outdoor Education Center employees.

There are two different high courses available at the COEC, the Tree Course and Pole Course:

The Tree Course

The Tree Course is a variable circuit consisting of ten linear challenges built in trees approximately 20-35 feet high. The challenges range from climbing up or across different types of suspended ladders to walking from one tree to another on a combination of ropes and cables. Participants are belayed up the entry element by a COEC Facilitator until they reach the first platform. Once they reach the first platform, participants will transfer on to a static belay system called Lobster Claws. These Lobster Claws are used to transfer from one element to the next under the supervision and direction of trained Facilitators and with the help and watchful eye of a partner from their group. Partner pairs then proceed through each element of the course until they reach the Zipline exit of the course where a Facilitator will connect them to the Zipline that sends them whizzing through the trees to the exit of the Tree Course. Elements of the Tree Course include:

  • The Caterpillar (entry element)
  • The Pirate Swing
  • The Catwalk
  • The Grapevine
  • The Burma Bridge
  • Sky Bridge
  • The Lilly Pad Walk
  • The Heebie Jeebie
  • Space Loops
  • Zipline (exit element)

The Pole Course

The Pole Course consists of four separate elements. Each element is executed independently of the others and all are belayed by trained COEC Facilitators. The Pole Course features high elements that are typically utilized with groups that choose the Half-day of lows with one high element program option. While not all of these elements will be incorporated as part of a half-day low/high experience, all of the pole course elements are available and may be selected for your group as part of a high course program. The individual elements are:

  • “Blackbeard” – The new double (side-by-side) Zipline
  • The Power Pole (a.k.a. Pamper Pole)
  • The High Wild Woozie
  • The Flying Squirrel