The UNC Club Gymnastics team is a group committed to providing everyone with a chance to become a gymnast. No experience is necessary to join our team, and we have members from beginner level up through level 10 gymnasts. We strive to provide a safe and fun environment for people of all skill levels to participate in gymnastics. Our team travels to several meets annually, including the National competition. Club members of all skill levels are invited to join us at competitions.


  • Dues: $45 per semester or $80 for the year 
  • Fundraising requirements: 3 fundraisers per semester for non-competing members, 4 per semester for competing members

How to join organization: Open Membership.  Join at any time

Practice Days & Times: 

  • Tuesday 6pm-8pm
  • Thursday 8pm-10pm
  • Friday 5pm-7pm
  • Saturday 1pm-4pm
  • Sunday 1pm-4pm 

Practice Location: Fetzer Gym C

Competitive Season: Fall/Spring

Competition Level: National

National Governing Body: National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Host a home meet: We had teams from NC state, UNCW, Wake Forest, Tennessee, and Clemson attend our meet, with over 100 participants in total. The meet was very successful and we plan on hosting another meet this coming year.

  • Success at Nationals: In our regular season meets, our teams had been very successful, with our two women’s teams winning 1st and 2nd at Clemson and our men’s team winning 3rd at that meet. At nationals, one of our members won 1st in the nation on bars.

  • We were allocated $5000 from Sport Clubs and ended up raising $8400. We were very excited about our fundraising for this year and have put in place goals for.

Contact: Marissa Elardo (252)342-1618

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