Inclusive group for both new and experienced riders. Compete in both road and mountain biking competitions in the Atlantic Coast Cycling Conference. Competitive and recreational riders are welcomed.


  • $75 recreational/year
  • $150 for racing members/year
  • Fundraising: $1,000-$3,000   

How to join organization: Open Membership. Join at any time.

Practice Days & Times: TBA

Practice Location: Friday Center

Competitive Season: Fall/Spring

Competition Level: National

National Governing Body: USA Cycling

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Luke Vrovenvelder is the ACCC mountain bike omnium champion.
  • Luke came in 1st in cross country mountain biking at nationals.
  • Sebastian York placed 2nd in three races and 1st in another.

Contact: Hugh Nezat hughh@live.unc.ed (757)773-9916

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