This cheerleading team is much like a competitive cheerleading team where we hold tryouts and workouts to prepare until mid-September. Once we have a team, we work together on skills such as stunts, tumbling, and jumps until we learn our routine. Once we have a routine, we practice the routine, progressing to full out routines, until we have our two competitions. Our competitions are in February and April, each being one where we perform our practiced routine. We get placed and prepare for the next competition, improving the routine as needed.

How to Join: Tryouts in mid-September (exact date TBD)

Dues: Approximately $1,500 per individual for the entire year: fundraising options are available to help with the cost per individual.

Competitive Season: Fall/Spring

Competition Level: National

National Governing Body: National Cheerleading Association

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Performed a hit routine at competition
  • Drama-free zone with an opening atmosphere
  • Grew the foundation of our program

Contact: Lauren Hobson 336-528-0726

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