UNC Club Baseball’s goal each year is to be a regionally and nationally competitive team without losing the sandlot vibe that makes club baseball so special. We are an entirely student run organization, with elected officers doing everything from making baseball decisions to handling financial and administrative duties. We look for guys who are talented ballplayers, but also work hard in the classroom and buy in to the team concept. In addition to striving for success on the field, we aim to forge a brotherhood among our members that goes well beyond the diamond.

Sign-Ups/Tryouts: August 28-August 31


  • Our dues are just above $9,000 in total ($350/person).
  • We’ve raised about $7,000 through fundraising such as discount cards, a letter drive, and benefit nights on Franklin Street.
  • We hope to include a few more fundraising initiatives to take away some out-of-pocket costs for our players.

Practice Days & Times: 

  • Monday-Thursday 4pm-5:30pm

Practice Location: Hooker Fields 3 &4

Competitive Season: Fall/Spring

Competition Level: National

National Governing Body: National Club Baseball Association

Recent Accomplishments:

  • 12-14 overall record 

  • Winning record in conference (8-7)

  • Alan Sharpe: Conference Pitcher of the Week 

  • Grant Cabell: Conference Player of the Week 

  • Spencer Hutchinson: Conference Player of the Week

  • Recipient of Sport Club Recognition Award for ‘Sport club that positively represents the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and upholds the values and philosophies of the UNC Sport Clubs program.’ 

Contact: Spencer Hutchinson (704)877-3302

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