The Badminton club is organized by a group of badminton enthusiasts and welcomes members of all ages and skill levels to join our big community! We are holding regular weekly club practices for members. We are also holding events of all levels to accommodate players of all skill levels. Training sessions and free clinics will be available each semester for those who want to enhance their skills. And oh, we have our club T-shirt sale in the beginning of each year.

Fundraising/dues: $10 for students/year; $20 for faculty/staff and community members/year

How to join organization: Open Membership. Join at any time

Practice Days & Times:

  • Tuesday 4:30pm-8pm
  • Thursday 4:30pm-8pm
  • Friday 4:30pm-8pm 
  • Sunday 4:00pm-8pm

Practice Location:

  • Fetzer Gym B

Competitive Season: Fall/Spring

Competition Level: Regional

National Governing Body: USA Badminton

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Held two team tournaments (highly competitive): We ranked first place in the spring team tournament, which consisted of teams from UNC-Charlotte, NC State and SAS company team. We won second place in the fall tournament against UNC-Charlotte, NC State and Wake Forest.

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