Aikido is a unique martial art that integrates body, mind and spirit. Graceful and powerful, it emphasizes peace and harmony over aggression and violence. The UNC Aikido club is affiliated with the Tomiki Aikido of the Americas and therefore incorporates the Kenji Tomiki method as a base of our learning. Our school teaches ukemi, trains in hand-to-hand combat, multiple attack, defense against the knife and other weapons. Aikido is using your opponent’s energy and aggression against themselves by way of wrist locks, elbow locks, throws and pins. Aikido is open to all skill levels and abilities.

How to Join: Open membership/Join at any time

Dues: $30 per semester; $60 per year (Dues can be paid by doing two volunteer events)

Competitive season: Fall/Spring

Competition Level: State

National Governing Body: Tomiki Aikido of the America

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