Reopening & Facility Guidelines

Let’s stay active together! Visit the Stay Active recreation portal to register for activities and make facility reservations. After reading our facility guidelines, view our operating hours to learn more. Not on campus? Check out our Stay Active at Home resources.

Facility Guidelines

These guidelines have been updated as of August 6, 2021 in accordance with the the University’s Community Standards. Please review the information below. Additional policies are listed on the Stay Active registration page if applicable and posted around the facilities.

  1. Make a reservation on Stay Active for lap swimming or workouts. 
    • Reservations are highly recommended but not required for workouts at Rams Head or the SRC.
      • Pre-registration is still the best option to guarantee a spot during a workout period.
      • Walk-ins will be accepted as long as we have not reached our capacity; walk-ins will be turned away if we are at capacity.
    • Reservations are not required for Bowman Gray Pool, Fetzer, Woollen or the climbing walls (walk-ins only.)
  2. Upon arrival present your valid UNC One Card (and confirmation of a reservation if applicable.)
  3. Be prepared to answer questions related to COVID-19 exposure and symptoms.

If your ONYEN login is not working on Stay Active and you are either a full-time student or have paid for a membership, please email with your name, PID and ONYEN.

Workout Periods

  • Rams Head and the SRC are open for 2.5-hour workout periods and closed for 30 minutes of cleaning between periods. 
  • Please arrive within the first two hours of a workout period. If you arrive within 30 minutes of closing, you may be turned away.
  • View our operating hours to learn more. Scroll over times to see workout periods.

Mask Policy

  • Indoor Facilities: Masks must be worn at all times, even while working out or participating in activities. Masks must cover your mouth and nose at all times. Review how to wear a mask before visiting our facilities. 
  • Outdoor Facilities: Masks are not required when outdoors but they are encouraged, especially when participating in any type of group event or gathering.

Other Policies

  • Please do not use water fountains; water bottle refill stations are available.
  • Wipe down equipment before and after use.
  • Respect others and maintain personal space at all times.
  • Review our general facility policies and procedures and the University’s Community Standards.
  • Additional policies are listed on the registration pages on Stay Active.

Please note: Towel service, equipment rental (including locks, mats, bands, etc.) and water fountains are currently unavailable. Bottle refill stations are available. Please bring your own towel, water bottle, lock, and any other equipment if needed.

Available Facilities

Our current offerings include the facilities, programs, and services listed below. Facilities not listed are currently unavailable. Click for an interactive map of our facilities.

Indoor Facilities

  • Rams Head Recreation Center
  • Student Recreation Center
  • Fetzer Hall
  • Woollen Gym
  • Bowman Gray Memorial Pool
  • Fetzer Climbing Wall
  • Rams Head Climbing Wall

Outdoor Facilities 

  • Kessing Outdoor Pool (closed for the season effective September 13, 2021)
  • Hooker Fields (lights will be turned on during scheduled programming only)
  • Ehringhaus Field/Shelton Stadium
  • North Campus Recreation Complex
  • South Campus Recreation Complex
  • Outdoor Education Center and Disc Golf Course

Locker Rooms

  • Rams Head Recreation Center: Locker room showers are available now. Please bring your own towel.
  • Fetzer Hall and Woollen Gym: Locker room showers are available now. Fetzer Hall can be accessed through the exterior entrances only. Please bring your own towel.

Access and Entrances

Please enter each facility through the main exterior entrance(s) as shown on the map below. Although connected, you cannot enter Fetzer through the SRC or the SRC through Fetzer. Be prepared to present your valid UNC One Card upon arrival.



Activities and Programs

Check out our events page for upcoming activities. Click the programs below to learn more about each service and offerings.


Fitness & Wellness

Intramural Sports

Sport Clubs

Carolina Adventures

How To Participate

For your wellbeing, we expect everyone to be S-A-F-E:

S – Social / Physical Distancing: Remain at least 6 feet away from others at all times.

A – Access to Opportunities: When required, sign up in advance for facility or program access through the UNC Rec app or on Stay Active. Registration typically opens 48 hours before facility reservations and fitness classes. Other registrations vary.

F – Follow the Policies: Policies are posted in each facility and in the information included on your registration confirmation for facility and program access.

E – Engage with Caution: We encourage patrons to engage in physical activity with caution. This includes monitoring their own workout intensity, taking breaks as needed, and setting realistic goals for their return to exercising.

Members & Services

If your ONYEN login is not working on Stay Active and you are either a full-time student or have paid for a membership, please email with your name, PID and ONYEN.

Facilities are open for students, faculty, and staff of the University with an active membership. Aquatics facilities are open to community members as well. Membership sales for University faculty and staff are available through the UNC One Card Office. Visit our membership page for details. 

Please note: Guest passes and memberships for children and spouses/partners of University students, faculty, and staff are currently unavailable.


Review our operating hours and general facility policies and procedures. Feel free to visit our Main Office located in the SRC during business hours. You may also contact us at or call 919-843-PLAY (7529).

Best Ways To Stay Informed

Please check our website regularly for updates and follow our social media pages on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. Download our UNC Rec app to make reservations and browse programs easily from your phone. To learn more about the University’s plan, including vaccine information, please go to