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by UNC Campus Recreation

Three Ways To Make Friends While Staying In Shape

I will admit this summer has been a little challenging for me so far. I am taking summer classes while it seems like all my friends are some place cool like Spain or have an awesome internship with their parent’s company, which has left me in quite a conundrum…. I have nobody to lift/run with 😥  I felt so alone, having to suffer through every workout in silence and without motivation from my friends. Well, this week I decided to emerge from my antisocial cocoon and become a social butterfly in order to find new workout buddies, and, alas, here are my top three ways to make friends through fitness.


  1. Run On Campus

Personally, I find running to be absolute torture and I need someone to help push me through/make sure I don’t slack off. So, here is my BIG secret on how to make friends while running: Run on campus. No matter what time of day it is there are literally always people running on campus. But now you’re probably asking “Dave, how do I know if people want to talk while running?” Well, lucky for you, I have gone through the awkwardness for you to find out the answer to that question. The secret is, if people have their headphones in 9/10 times they are a hardcore runner who wants to be left alone, but if they are running without headphones then it is totally ok to go up and talk to them while y’all run. From there, beautiful running friendships begin.


  1. Campus Rec Group Fitness Classes

Have you ever gotten anxiety walking into the Student Recreation Center during peak hours? Are you afraid to run on campus alone? Are all the lanes already filled up every time you go to the Bowman Gray Memorial Pool? Well, have no fear group fitness classes are here! Group fitness classes are not only a great way to get a specialized workout, but are also a great way to make friends! The group fitness schedule here.


  1. Be A Free Agent

Being a free agent for intramural sports was quite scary at first… I didn’t know if I would be picked up by a team or just be put on a team with a bunch of other free agents, but I don’t regret my decision one bit. The people I have met through being a free agent are absolutely phenomenal and I have loved playing/working out with them. (Although intramurals are over for summer session one you can still register for intramurals for summer session two, the schedule for which can be found here.)


Going into this summer I was really bummed out that I had nobody to workout with, but ever since I decided to put myself out there and try new things, I found out that making friends through fitness wasn’t so hard. The best part is that now come fall semester I will have an even bigger friend group to workout with! All in all workout buddies are like picking a college: You’re nervous and it is one of the biggest decisions of your life, but at the end of the day you know you wouldn’t want to be (with anyone else) anywhere else.