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by UNC Campus Recreation

Three Ways to Get Motivated About Working Out During the Summer

Whether you’re at summer school trying to learn a semester’s worth of calculus in five weeks, fetching coffee for business tycoons at your internship, shoving down exotic food while studying abroad in Spain, or just staying at home mooching off your parents we can all agree that nobody always wants to workout. However, there are so many “scientific studies” that suggest the key to a healthy lifestyle is working out in some way shape or form, but let’s be honest that’s still never enough motivation on its own to workout. So I’ve compiled a list of three motivational tools to help inspire you to workout.



After a great summer workout in the scorching heat or after you are soaking in your own sweat after you just hit a new PR while running, you feel invincible. You feel like you can take on anything the world throws at you and then some. All your summer worries quietly drift away and you feel like you’re on top of the world. Working out, even during the most undesirable of conditions, can give you the confidence boost you need to accomplish any task that comes your way.


  1. Meeting People

Do you not have friends at summer school or are all your friends off doing things while you’re stuck at home for the summer? Well, have no fear, being active is here! There are always people at the Student Recreation Center or any gym willing to workout out with others. Working out with other people not only helps you with your workout, but also gives you someone to hang and socialize with. Also, there are always people running on campus and you’re bound to bump into someone and, who knows, y’all might even start your own running group.


  1. NOMZ

So you just got done with a KILLER workout. You are drowning in your own sweat and panting like a dog. Guess what? IT’S TIME TO EAT. In the heat of the summer, your body tends to work even harder, so that means you need to fuel it even better. Also, don’t ever forget you need to always TREAT YO SELF.


So whatever your motivation is, it is always a good idea to stay active. Just always remember that working out is like your school work. You don’t necessarily want to do it, but you know you have to and it’ll always pay off in the long run.