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by UNC Campus Recreation

5 Ways to Be Active This 4th of July!

In an effort to keep up with my goal of staying active this summer, I sat down the other day to brainstorm a few new ways to be active. As I was brainstorming and looking at my calendar to plan my activities over the next few weeks, I realized that the 4th of July is quickly approaching! Like many other Americans, my family’s 4th of July celebration consists of having a barbecue and watching a local firework show. As I was thinking about these 4th of July plans, I realized that being outside in the company of my family presents the perfect opportunity to partake in a fun activity that will get everyone moving! Below I have listed 5 different ways to incorporate activity in your 4th of July plans!

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Bring a ball or a Frisbee

           Whether it’s a volleyball, soccer ball, football, or Frisbee, bring it with you to your 4th of July festivities. Hit, throw, or kick the ball back and forth with someone, or form teams and start a game. Whatever sport it may be, you are sure to have fun and get your body moving!


            If you’re headed to the beach or a pool for the 4th, swimming is a great way to be active. Swimming involves the use of your entire body, which means it is a total body workout! Swimming is also great because it gets your heart rate up and is not as stressful on your body as high-impact activities such as running. I know lounging on the sand or on a pool chair is fun and relaxing, but don’t forget to carve out some time for a swim!

Participate in a 4th of July Race

            For those of you who want a little bit of a more “intense” activity, sign up for a 4th of July race! You can check out 4th of July races all over the country here (if you’re in the Chapel Hill area, there is a race in Carrboro!) or search for several different types of activities in your area here.

Organize a scavenger hunt or a game of capture the flag

            You can’t deny that there is something about competing to find a hidden item before someone else that is super fun. You can make a scavenger hunt in your backyard by hiding small American flags or other red, white and blue items. Small American flags would work great for a game of capture the flag too. You’ll be having so much fun looking for those flags that you won’t even notice all the running you’re doing!

Have a water balloon fight

            Who said you’re too old to have a water balloon fight? Fill up some water balloons and have a blast throwing them at your friends and family (and having some thrown your way too!). Everyone will be working up a sweat trying to dodge those water balloons, and the water balloons that aren’t escapable will provide a much-needed refresher from the summer heat!

Whether you’re going to a picnic, the beach, or a firework show this 4th of July, there are tons of ways to stay active on this fun day! Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget to stay hydrated, enjoy yourself, and most importantly, remember why we celebrate 4th of July in the first place.