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by UNC Campus Recreation

How to Stay Fit During Summer Classes

 Well I just finished my first year of college (somehow…) and I am ready to soak in the summer sun, lay on the beach, and have no worries at all, but oh wait I’m at summer school taking two classes (life is so cruel sometimes). However, being a week into summer classes I realized that I have a lot more time on my hands than expected. Now I can’t run to the beach any time I want, but I can do the next best thing, which is to get fit (AKA BIG). So here are three things that I am doing to “get gainz” and stay in shape this summer.


  1. The Student Recreation Center

During the summer I have found that even during peak hours the SRC is not that congested with people. I have been always able to get a squat rack when needed and I have yet to wait for a machine or bench that I needed. The treadmills are also always available for some cardio away from the blazing sun.


  1. Group Fitness Classes

Who said summer classes can’t be fun? Campus Rec still has plenty of group fitness for any student to drop by (you can find the schedule here). I personally love to go to yoga because it is a good chance for me to calm down and stretch out in a friendly environment that doesn’t pick on me for not being able to touch my toes. Also PRO TIP ALERT, group fitness classes are much less crowded during the summer so make sure to take full advantage of being here.


  1. Fleet Feet Training Programs

So, if you know me you know I hate running… To me, there is nothing “cool” about running… “Cool” to me is lifting heavy things in the gym and moving them for 3-5 reps then smashing them down, waiting 30 seconds, and repeat. However, I understand the so called “benefits” of running and I figured I should probably be running. And what better way to force yourself to run than to have other people hold you personally accountable? So, I signed up for “No Boundaries 2,” which is a running program that trains for a four mile run. The best part about the program in my opinion is that there is a coach for every pacing group and not just one coach for the whole program. I also enjoy all the cool gear we can try for free. Disclaimer: Fleet Feet’s training programs are not free and prices vary based on which program you want to participate in.