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by UNC Campus Recreation

How Are You Going to Stay Active This Summer?

If you’re reading this, you survived finals week! Congrats! If you’re feeling anything like me right now, you would be perfectly okay with sleeping and doing absolutely nothing until next semester starts. Summer is not only a great time to relax and recharge, but with over 3 months of no classes, it is also the perfect time to pursue experiences that you otherwise wouldn’t have time for during the school year. Some of us will be staying in Chapel Hill for the summer, while others may be heading halfway across the globe. Regardless of what you’ll be doing this summer and where you’ll be, it’s important to stay active and healthy!


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If you happen to be leaving campus this summer like me, you might find it a bit trickier to stay active this summer. With gym equipment, Group Fitness classes, intramurals, and several others resources right at your fingertips, Campus Rec makes it easy to stay active. However, since I’ll be away from Chapel Hill this summer and won’t have access to these resources, I will have to get creative and search for new ways to stay active!

While I could easily purchase a membership to a gym and stay active by working out there all the time, I am a) a broke college student who doesn’t want to spend money unless it is absolutely necessary and b) someone who easily gets bored and thus would be tired of going to the gym after only a week or two. Thus I decided that getting a gym membership wasn’t the best option for me. Instead, my goal is to find as many different, free or low-cost ways to stay active so that both my wallet and my easily bored self are happy!

In addition to trying out a wide range of activities to stay active, my goal this summer is also to figure out how to balance staying active and healthy while working full-time. Up until now, I have always had the luxury of having a flexible school or part-time work schedule and having ample free time. However, this summer I’ll have a much more fixed schedule, working 8-hours a day Monday through Friday. Factoring in the nearly 2 hours of daily commute I’ll have, I will be left with a small window of time each evening for exercise. While some days it will be challenging to fit physical activity into my day, this experience will give me an idea of what it will be like balancing exercise and work when I have a job in the “real” world one day!

If you’re in the same boat as me and won’t have access to Campus Rec resources this summer, what will you be doing to stay active? Let me know in a comment below! There are so many different ways to be active, and I want to hear your favorites so I can hopefully give them a try!