Lacrosse (W)

UNC Women’s Club Lacrosse is a nationally competitive team that practices three times a week and travels to tournaments in both the fall and spring, competing in the spring season. After winning the DII WCLA National Championship in 2012 and 2014, we rose to the DI ranks where we’ve been growing into one of the strongest teams in the country. We are a member of the Mid-Atlantic Women’s Lacrosse League Chesapeake conference, arguably the toughest conference in the nation, and are consistently ranked among the top 20 club teams in the US. We’ll be continuing our upward trend toward a third national title in the 2016-2017 season and are looking for talented, enthusiastic, dedicated players to join our lacrosse family. We’re an extremely close-knit, supportive, driven group of young women who can’t wait to meet you at tryouts!

Quick Facts:

  • Fundraising/dues: Dues are between $60-100 each semester, depending on fundraising ability. Players are accountable for fundraising based on a point system.
  • How to join organization: Tryouts second week of class
  • Practice Times: TBA
  • Practice Location: Ehringhaus Field
  • Competitive Season: Spring
  • Competition Level: National
  • National Governing Body: Women’s College Lacrosse Association

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Made it to the D1 Regional Tournament for the first time in program history       
  • We are increasing our presence and integration in the developing youth lacrosse community through tournament volunteering and working clinics       
  • Nominated 3 Academic-All Americans and 2 Athletic All-Americans
  • Lost to the #1 team in the nation by just 1 point in the regional tournament, proving us as a threat on the national level


UNC also has a Recreational Women’s Lacrosse student organization that is an alternate lacrosse team open to all skill levels and competing against DII club teams in the area.  For more information regarding the Recreational Women’s Lacrosse team please contact Alexa Beltrani (

Contact: Julie Wulforst