The UNC Club Tennis Team is a coed team with non-mandatory practice, meaning you choose how much you want to participate. Part of our goal is to provide an outlet for fun yet competitive tennis after high-school! First and foremost we are a family; that means we are involved with a lot of social events and community service! Tryouts are in the first 2 weeks of school – after that, we play in at least 4-5 tournaments per semester, with States in the Fall, then Sectionals and Nationals in the Spring. You may sign up for a tournament, play challenge matches, and qualify to travel with the team. All expenses are payed for with members’ dues which are approximately $100 for the year.

Quick Facts

  • Fundraising/dues: Dues are ~$100/year and active tournament playing members are required to fundraise in at least 1 event in the fall.
  • How to join organization: First two weeks of school
  • Practice Days & Times:
  • Practice Location: Outdoor Education Center Tennis Courts
  • Competitive Season: Fall/Spring
  • Competition Level: National
  • National Governing Body: US Tennis Association

Recent Accomplishments: 

  • Placed 2nd at the 2016 National Championship          
  • Co-hosted first ever tournament with NC State        
  • The A team lost a total of 3 matches the entire year, including all tournaments

Contact: Sarah French

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