UNC Club Football provides an opportunity to continue playing competitive full contact football past high school. Club Football is the longest running sport club at UNC and competes in the South Atlantic Conference of the NCFA. We accept all skill levels from those that have never played before to those with college experience. We take pride in our tradition and tight knit camaraderie.

Quick Facts

  • Fundraising/dues: Dues are $200 per member, and every member is required to work security for at least one varsity football game.
  • How to join organization: Open
  • Practice Days & Times: TBA
  • Practice Location: Ehringhaus Field
  • Competitive Season: Fall
  • Competition Level: Regional
  • National Governing Body: Intercollegiate Club Football Federation

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Rebuilding membership and advancing recruitment           
  • Hired a new coaching staff

Contact: Cody Garris

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