Beach Volleyball

UNC Club Beach Volleyball is a competitive coed club that consists of 20-24 members. We play doubles (2 v 2) beach volleyball and compete in a tournament series held by NCSVA (National Collegiate Sand Volleyball Association) as well as other tournaments along the East Coast. Generally, the club participates in 2-3 tournaments in both the Fall and Spring semester in addition to other tournaments throughout the year that are optional to players in the club. While beach volleyball is a relatively new club to UNC, the club is very competitive and requires commitment from all players. Practices and tournaments are mandatory. Practices are twice a week with an additional day of conditioning and agility.

Fundraising/dues: TBA

How to join organization: Open Membership. Join at any time

Practice Days and Times: TBA

Practice Location: TBA

Competitive Seasons: Fall/Spring

Competition Level: National

National Governing Body: National Collegiate Sand Volleyball Association

Contact: Willa Ma