The Badminton club is organized by a group of badminton enthusiasts and welcomes members of all ages and skill levels to join our big community! We have training sessions and free clinics tailored to beginners, and also select an elite team from the members to compete in intercollegiate games. Members get together regularly to compete against each other in a friendly atmosphere while building skills and friendships.

Quick Facts:

  • Fundraising/dues: $10 for students, $20 for faculty & community members; fundraising approximately $40 in total
  • How to join organization: Open
  • Practice Days & Times: TBA
  • Practice Location: Fetzer Gym B
  • Competitive Season: Fall/Spring
  • Competition Level: Regional
  • National Governing Body: USA Badminton

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Our club continues to expand with a total of 149 members (from 120 in last year), most of whom are undergraduate students.
  • Our team beat Duke twice, as well as NCSU in the intercollegiate game in March
  • We collaborated with “Serve N Play” to host a successful highly-competitive, state-level badminton tournament last month with 147 people registered

Contact: Dazhe Chen

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